Strategic Planning Sessions


 Expert Guidance

C. Y Strategy embraces the principles of Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas as a proven methodologies for rapidly making strategy assumptions clear and then testing them with real customer experiments.

No matter how great your strategy, it is execution that produces results.  Effective execution requires willing and able stakeholders.  This means having the tools to: 1.) motivate action (willing), and 2.) develop the skills (able) to carry out the strategy.


Often, the premise on which the organization’s core strategy is based must be re-evaluated.

Idea Generation and Analysis


 Solve Complex Problems and Empower Your Organization

We combine both "old school" and evolving tools and disciplines to developed a unique approach to Business Analysis and Idea Generation.  Tools that we have effectively use include:

Project Planning and Management

Group brainstorming and evaluating ideas (Mind Mapping and 7 Management and Planning Tools)

Identifying and removing constraints to operations and growth (Goldratt’s  Theory of  Constraints)

Systems Thinking: causal loop diagrams, system archetypes and computer simulations


Stakeholder Infrastructure


Bring Your Own Device Collaboration

 Your stakeholders use multiple technologies. We can help you make your stakeholders more loyal and productive by allowing them to continue using the devices they know and love, while protecting organization assets. 

Cloud, Data, and Application Integration


Microsoft has developed infrastructure that allow users to coordinate and integrate new and existing applications seamlessly in the cloud.  This integration provides Secure and Private Communications across geographies and devices.  As a Microsoft Partner C. Y. Strategy can help implement  Infrastructure as service (IaaS),  Platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a service (SaaS) solutions that are consistent with an organization's strategy.